Hand Crafted Custom Ukuleles Built By Raymond Rapozo

"Growing up here on Kauai, Hawaii I have 20 years of experience selecting the best wood in custom instrument production. This has given me the opportunity to work with top performers and to perfect the instruments for entertainment and for serious collectors. I know you'll enjoy all my ukes and guitars which will become heirlooms that you can pass down to your keiki (children). Please call if you have any questions 808-652-5467.

As of March of 2016 all my ukes will reflect the new changes.  Curved headstock instead of straight and a 1/8 saddle instead of 3/32. Also the 12 fret on all ukes will have 2 dots and 1 on the 15th. The new CNC has been doing a great job on the finish of the frets and bridges much smoother and a nicer finish.



              Cybill Shephard playing her island Ukulele

From left to right Tobby, Steve Rapozo, Raymond Rapozo, Glenn Frey, Tobys Daughter, Sarah Rapozo, Seychelle Rapozo, Lucas, James Langtad, Alika Youn.